• World Blood Donor Day: Know Health Benefits Of Donating Blood

    Today, on World Blood Donor Day, here are a few health benefits for a blood donor

    June 14 is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day to spread awareness about the need to donate blood regularly to increase the availability of safe blood and its products for patients in need.

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), blood transfusion can potentially save several lives, but many times patients needing a transfusion do not have access to safe blood readily. Many times, patients suffering from life-threatening conditions can be saved by blood donation.

    While blood donation can save lives, it also has health benefits for the donor as well. To know more read below:

    Alleviates Risk of Heart Attack:

    Donating blood reduces the risk of a heart attack in one as it gives your blood vessels more room to operate which is required as often the high levels of iron in our blood constrict the vessels and aggravates the risk of a heart attack. Donating blood also keeps the blood rate and flow constant, reducing the risk of an attack.

    Boosts Immunity:

    Apart from improving heart health, a regular practice of blood donation can boost immunity. Spleen, the organ that is responsible for the production and eradication of erythrocytes or red blood cells, gets revitalized whenever a person undergoes phlebotomy or blood donation. Rejuvenation of the blood plasma helps in the increase of leucocyte count as well, the cells that improve immunity and shields from various infections.

    Reduces Chances of Cancer:

    Regular blood donation reduces the excessive deposit of iron in the blood which in turn reduces the chances of getting cancer. In certain cases, excessive iron deposits in the blood can increase the risk of different types of cancer, especially blood cancer.

    Manages Cholesterol:

    Although it's not scientifically proven that blood donation can help in weight loss and reduction of cholesterol, many people claim that a pint of blood helps in shedding approximately 600 to 650 calories. Blood plasma contains fatty acids or free cholesterols and donation of blood remove this free cholesterol, thus helping in losing weight.

    Uplifts Mental Health:

    Blood donation also has mental health benefits. Stepping out to help someone in need is stimulating in the best kind of way. Donating blood means you are helping someone out there who is in need of blood to survive. This kind of volunteering work greatly impacts your psychological health in a positive way and ultimately benefits your mind and body.

    With all these benefits packed with blood donation, you should not hesitate to go forward and donate your blood if you are physically fit. By doing this, you will be saving someone's life.
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