• Speeding Supercars On Roads Of Arunachal Pradesh Thrill Netizens

    The supercars include Lamborghini, AudiR8, Ferrari, Honda S2000 and Porsche.

    Arunachal Pradesh has recently become the talk of the town after dozens of supercars were seen zooming along the state’s high-altitude roads. 

    Several locals lined up by the streets to get a glimpse of the supercars that include Lamborghini, AudiR8, Ferrari, Honda S2000 and Porsche.

    State chief minister Pema Khandu took to Twitter to share the stunning video of the supercars speeding away in the rain on the highway as John Denver’s famous song ‘Rocky Mountain High’ plays in the background. The video went viral in no time. 

    “With these beauties rolling on the Damroh-Mariyang highway, the view becomes much more amazing and splendid,” Khandu wrote. “We are proud to say, Arunachal is able to offer itself as one of the best driving destinations for the Supercars,” he tweeted.

    Earlier on September 16, he shared a small clip of the supercars parked on the tarmac of the Pasighat Airport in East Siang.

    “A testimony of improving road quality in Arunachal. For the first time, Supercars touches down in Arunachal. The club will be riding 1000 km in eastern Arunachal roads. Those riding Supercars, enjoy the mesmerizing roads running alongside breath-taking sceneries,” he wrote.

    Meanwhile, it has been said that the supercars are currently in the state for an upcoming event on September 19, though more details about the event are not yet known. 

    As per reports, it is also said that some of the cars belong to the Chairman and Managing Director of Raymond Ltd, Gautam Singhania who is currently on vacation in Arunachal Pradesh with his friends.
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