• 'Will Play My Last Game In...': Dhoni Announces Possible Venue Of His Last Match As CSK Player

    MS Dhoni announced retirement from international cricket in 2020.

    Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni gave an update on his future as a Chennai Super Kings player. Dhoni announced the possible venue of his last match as a CSK player.

    He announced retirement from international cricket in 2020, has been struggling with the bat for the past two years. There is a chance that Dhoni may retire from IPL as well as CSK player at his age by the next season. 

    Addressing his fans, the former Indian team captain announced the possible venue of his last match as a CSK player.

    While interacting with fans during the 75th year celebrations of 'India Cements' held virtually, he said, "When it comes to farewell, you can still come and see me play for CSK and that can be my farewell game. So, you will still get that opportunity to bid me farewell. Hopefully, we will come to see Chennai and play my last game over there and we can meet fans there.”

    Dhoni further added, "We are a process-driven team, we believe in the process and we know that if we follow the process if we execute the plans well, if we do the small things right, we will get the desired result, we know the result is a byproduct and that also keeps us calm.” 

    "We live in the moment and enjoy each other's company. We know that if we play to our potential, we can beat the opposition. If the opposition has to beat us, they have to play better cricket,” he said.

    When asked if he is interested in Bollywood after retirement, Dhoni replied that it is not his cup of tea,

    "You know Bollywood is not really my cup of tea. As far as advertisements are concerned, I am happy to do them. When it comes to movies, I feel it's a very tough profession and very difficult to manage. I would let the film stars do it because they are really good at it. I will stick to cricket. The closest I can come to acting is advertisements and nothing more than that," he added.

    Meanwhile, the 40-year-old has managed to lead CSK to the playoffs for the 11th time in IPL. 
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