• Arunachal Pradesh: India Boosts Firepower Along LAC To Counter China's Aggression

    India had bought around 145 M-777 guns, the first of which was inducted in the year 2018

    Amid continuing tensions with China regarding following the eastern Ladakh standoff, India has deployed the newly upgraded L-70 air defence guns in forward areas along the LAC in addition to its existing Swedish Bofors guns and it has also inducted M-777 howitzers.

    A series of Integrated Defended Locations (IDLAs) along the LAC has also been set up which will see a multi-tiered defensive system in which the infantry, artillery, aviation, air defence, mechanised and armoured columns of the Army work as one unit backed by the Indian Air Force assets.

    India had bought around 145 M-777 guns, the first of which was inducted in the year 2018. Starting last year, these ultra-light weapons were deployed in the eastern sector. Of the 145 ordered, over half have been delivered. The three regiments they make up are facing the LAC across sectors.

    Military officials said that the powerful L-70 guns were deployed in several key locations of Arunachal Pradesh in addition to other sensitive points along the entire LAC and that their inductions have significantly enhanced the Army's air defence mechanism.

    Also, numerous new fortified underground bunkers have been created and the basic firearm of the infantry soldier has also got an upgrade. All the infantry troops posted in the forward areas along the LAC have been fully equipped with Sig Sauer 716 rifles.
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