• Viral Pic: Pacific Island Minister Stands Knee-Deep In Ocean To Talk About Climate Change

    The video has earned plenty of attention and admiration on social media

    Tuvalu's Foreign Minister, Simon Kofe has given a speech to the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow standing knee-deep in the ocean to show the world how the Pacific island nation is vulnerable to global warming and climate change.

    Images of Kofe standing in a suit and tie at a lectern set up in the water, with his trouser legs rolled up, have been shared widely on social media platforms.

    Kofe took the unusual route to draw the attention of the world to Tuvalu's struggle against rising sea levels. The video, which has earned plenty of attention and admiration, was shot by public broadcaster TVBC at the far end of Fongafale, the main islet of the capital Funafuti.

    In his address, Kofe said, "This area actually used to be land in the past. Hence, I thought it would be significant to address from this location. Currently, we're imagining a worst-case scenario where our lands are submerged and we are forced to relocate." 
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