• Engineer Turned Entrepreneur, Arunachal's Tage Rita Is India's First Kiwi Wine Brewer

    An agriculture engineer from Ziro Valley, Tage Rita owns the brand Naara Aaba, named after her father-in-law

    Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its pristine beauty with miles of greenery stretched till the eye can see, breathtaking landscapes and the widely popular Ziro Music Festival.

    But, did you know the valley produces kiwi wine from locally produced succulent kiwis? Yes, Tage Rita, an entrepreneur with a difference produces this wine from her boutique winery in the valley.

    Tage is also India's first brewer of kiwi wine. An agriculture engineer from Ziro Valley, she owns the brand Naara Aaba, named after her father-in-law.

    Tage worked as an engineer for almost 17 years at the Arunachal Pradesh Rural Works department before turning into an entrepreneur in 2017 with Lambu Subu Food Beverages. A year later, she was honoured at the Women Transforming India Awards, organised by the United Nations and NITI Aayog.

    With her boutique winery, Tage has found a unique solution to not only use local produce -- kiwis grow in abundance in her valley -- but also to showcase them as a hero ingredient.

    She feels that the best part of setting up something on your own is the freedom to unleash your creativity and capability if affords you; the worst is the risk and uncertainty you have to overcome.

    Tage sources the fruit only from her personal orchard and from the Kiwi Growers Cooperative Society in Arunachal Pradesh for the wine. Apart from making her wine stand class apart which is organic, pure, delicious and easy on the pockets, Tage has championed environmental consciousness from the beginning.

    For the wine, the fruit is harvested and processed in a way that retains all its minerals with a unique process following traditional methods. As they say, nothing comes easy, it took six years for Tage to come up with the perfect process and concoction. 
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