• 'Shortage Of Covid-19 Medicines': Mizoram Appeals Amid Border Tensions With Assam

    Assam CM on Friday appealed to the people to allow the movement of goods to Mizoram

    Mizoram is facing an "acute shortage" of life-saving drugs medicines and oxygen cylinders being used in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, the State's Health Minister has said, as trucks carrying essentials are not able to enter the State from Assam due to "blockade".

    This comes after Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday appealed to the people to allow the movement of goods to Mizoram.

    A few of the organizations in Cachar district had allegedly blocked vehicles from entering Mizoram following the July 26 interstate border bloody clashes that claimed seven lives. Four Mizoram-bound trucks were also vandalised in Cachar on Friday night.

    Dr R Lalthangliana, Mizoram Health Minister said, "Even after the Government of Assam withdrew its travel advisory, asking people not to travel to Mizoram, trucks carrying essentials are unable to enter the State from Assam. These trucks are still stuck at the border. With the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in Mizoram, it is very very difficult to manage patients who are in dire need of oxygen given the limited supply due to blockage."

    Following Centre's intervention, Assam-Mizoram held a ministerial-level meeting on Thursday and decided to maintain peace along the inter-state border. 

    In the meeting, both the Northeastern States agreed to central forces acting as a neutral body and decided not to send their forces to areas where the conflict took place.

    However, vehicle movement continued to remain shut on National Highway 306. Lalthangliana added, "This is an act of arrogance. This is a violation of basic human rights and the Right to Life under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Covid kits, life-saving drugs, and the material for oxygen plants are yet to reach  Mizoram. As Assam and Mizoram have both decided to restore peace, we urge the restoration of the vehicular movement immediately." 

    The Mizoram government on Friday ordered rationing the purchase of diesel and petrol as the movement of vehicles, which comes via neighbouring Assam, continues to remain suspended.
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