• Female Afghan TV Anchor Interviews A Taliban Official Live On Air

    The Taliban also extended an amnesty across the country and urged the women to come back to work.

    As the Taliban took over Afghanistan, women across the country are fearing for their lives and future under their rule. Amidst the fear of women safety, a female TV presenter interviewed a Taliban official on screen for the world to watch.

    The woman anchor Beheshta Arghand interviewed Taliban media team member Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad live on air.

    He said that the entire world now recognises that the Taliban are the real rulers of the country when asked about the situation in Kabul.

    “Up ’til now the Taliban did not cause any trouble, not even to 1 per cent in the country, by the Mujahedeen,” Hemad added.

    The Taliban member further added, “I am still astonished that people are afraid of the Taliban.”

    Taking it to Twitter, journalist Matthieu Aikins, who has extensively reported on Afghanistan, called the interview remarkable, historic, heartening, but also mentioned that the Taliban had given access to Afghan and foreign women journalists earlier also, during the peace talks in Doha.

    Since the takeover, the Taliban, which has a history of subjugating women, has vowed to honour women’s respect and will not be as hardline as before.

    On Tuesday, a Taliban spokesperson said in a statement that they respect women’s right, and that women would be allowed to leave homes alone, and that they will have access to education and work, provided they wear the hijab.

    Meanwhile, the Taliban also extended an amnesty across the country and urged the women of the country to join its government.

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