• This Dubai Restaurant Serves World's First 22K Gold Plated Vada Pav At A Whopping Price

    Priced at Rs 2,000 (Rs 1,970 to be precise) or AED 99, the "O'Gold" vada pav is laden with 22 karat gold

    After New York's gold French Fries took the internet by storm, Dubai's gold vada pavs are here to blow your mind. The vada pav, which is a popular street snack in Mumbai has got a golden makeover at O'Pao, located in Karama, Dubai.

    Priced at Rs 2,000 (Rs 1,970 to be precise) or AED 99, the "O'Gold" vada pav is laden with 22 karat gold. The vada is filled with truffle butter and cheese, and comes with sweet potato fries and mint lemonade. The dish is wrapped in 22-carat gold leaves imported from France.

    The video of the dish shared by the restaurant on their Instagram profile has gone crazy viral with over 21,000 views.

    According to reports, the truffle butter is from France and the pav is covered with a homemade mint mayonnaise dip.

    It may be mentioned, this is not the first time Dubai has launched an extravagant dish. There is a cafe called Scoopi Cafe that sells a scoop of vanilla ice cream called "Black Diamond" at Rs 60,000. The scoop is served in a Versace cup and it's being called the world's most expensive ice cream.

    The ice cream was launched in the year 2015 and it contains 23-carat edible gold sprinkled on top of Madagascar vanilla ice cream, with Iranian saffron and black truffle.

    Dubai also boasts about selling the most expensive biryani priced at Rs 19,705 or 1,000 dirhams for one plate. The Royal Gold biryani comes with a 23-carat gold leaf.
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