• Pizza In A Cone Trend Goes Viral On Internet, Netizens Give Mixed Reactions

    Pizza cone was popularised by Kono Pizza as it promises a clean eating experience without the cheese or sauce spilling on your clothes

    Pizza is loved by all. It's a universal favourite and wherever you travel in this world, a pizza treat will never disappoint you. While some experiments with pizza, like adding pineapples and watermelons have not gone well with people, there is one experiment that has struck the right chord with many - pizza in a cone.

    This pizza is not your usual four slices pizza, this one comes in the shape of a conical structure made with pizza dough and filled with sauce and cheese.

    The video of the same has gone viral on social media. It was first shared by Twitter user, @ActNormalOrElse where the cones were made with pizza dough. Then, these cones are filled with Marinara sauce and cheese and then baked to cook everything properly. Another version of the pizza cone was filled with tossed vegetables in a cheesy dressing.

    Here's how netizens reacted to the video:

    You may not know this, but pizza cone is not a new trend. Pizza company Giordiano's mentioned on its website that the pizza cone was popularised by Kono Pizza. It promises a clean eating experience without the cheese or sauce spilling on your clothes.

    While making the pizza cone, a particular layering is followed. It is first filled with cheese to plug any possible holes in the pizza crust, followed by the sauce.

    Would you try this unique pizza cone?
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