• This Nagaland Teacher Built The Most Gorgeous Hobbit Home. Check Out

    The fascinating house appears to be plucked from the pages of 'The Lord of the Rings'


    Surrounded by beautiful woods, a 29-year-old man from Nagaland has built a ‘hobbit home’ in the heart of the forest of Khonoma village, making the unique house one-of-its-kind in the entire State.

    For Asakho Chase, Covid-19 induced restrictions turned out to be a blessing in disguise. With schools shut down, Chase took nature's route and has built the 10×14 feet house in two months near Asia’s first green village Khonoma. 

    The fascinating house appears to be plucked from the pages of The Lord of the Rings. It exudes a sense of quietude, making it a perfectly idyllic setting to relax in and unwind. The photographs of the house are quite popular on the Internet. 

    Chase is a physical education teacher at the Charis High Academy Chümukedima, Dimapur. "Last year when Covid-19 induced restrictions were imposed, I had plenty of time to explore to keep myself engaged. I started construction of the house in November 2020. I just wanted to build a jungle home for myself to relax with my friends during holidays," said Chase while speaking to ND24.

    He added, "Before the construction of the house, I along with my friends spent only three days in digging 5 feet of the fresh soil. It's humbling that people from the State and outside too are curious to know about the house...they are loving the unique structure of the house."

    Chase shared that alder wood was used to build the front wall of the hobbit home. The round-shaped colourful door and window are the highlights of the house.

    "Alder grows in abundance in Nagaland. We also used timber bought at low rates from the mills. I used my own savings to build the house. My friends helped with the construction," he further shared.

    The blooming flowers around the house and an organic vegetable garden make the house more rustic and surreal. The house has caught so much attention that Chase has received bookings from people outside of the State. Chase's best friend Petezapu Meyase is the co-partner of the hobbit home.

    "We allow only selective people to stay at the house. There are certain restrictions which a tourist must follow here. One has duty and responsibility towards nature. We must behave like responsible travelers. I want people to feel refresh and recharged after visiting the house," he said.

    The hobbit home can accommodate around six-seven persons at a time. "We have a separate kitchen but it is not monsoon friendly. In days to come, I am planning to build an all-weather kitchen and add some furniture too. I will use only sustainable items to decorate the interior of the house," Chase said.

    If living in the woods is on your bucket list, this hobbit home will surely not disappoint you. 

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