• Viral: This Railway Station In Bihar Becomes A Coaching Hub For 2 Hours Every Morning And Evening

    Platforms 1 and 2 turn into a coaching class for aspirants twice during the morning and evening

    Sasaram in Bihar is well known for politics and history. It was established by Sher Shah Suri as the capital of the Suri dynasty between 1530 and 1540. 

    Now, it is becoming famous as a knowledge hub as thousands of students use the railway station as a coaching centre for clearing their competitive exams.

    Both the platforms, 1 and 2 of the railway station turn into a coaching class for aspirants for civil services for two hours every morning and evening.

    This practice is being followed since 2002-03 after a small group of students started coming to the station to study. After this, the aspirants made this junction a hub to study and for coaching as well. 

    But what was the reason behind students coming to the railway station to study? It is because the station has electricity 24/7 and it was a viable option as short circuits were common in the village.

    The station not only caters to civil services aspirants, but is also a study hub for students preparing for the Indian Administrative Service, multiple bank examinations, IITs and IIMs. Senior students even provide coaching to the juniors.

    The station has actually taken its role of shaping careers seriously and has issued 500 identity cards to the students to enable them to come.
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