• Ravi Shastri Leaves With Riveting Dressing Room Speech On Last Day As Head Coach

    Ravi Shastri will be replaced by former India captain Rahul Dravid as the head coach.

    Before signing off as the head coach of the Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri delivered a moving speech to the team in the dressing room after the T20 WC match on Monday.

    In a video posted by BCCI TV, Shastri could be seen addressing the players of India and staff after the match against Namibia, in which  India beat Namibia by 9 wickets in their last T20 World Cup match.

    The outgoing coach, who was first involved with the squad as a director in 2014, praised his team's all-conquering past despite a disappointing end to the T20 World Cup campaign in the UAE.

    He said, "You guys as a team have over exceeded my expectations with the way you played. Over the last few years, you have gone across the globe, across all formats, and beat everyone makes you one of the great teams that have played the game. Because results are there to be seen."

    "Yes we didn't have a great tournament, we could have won one or two ICC tournaments which didn't happen but that is a sport. You will get another chance. You will be wiser, have more experience when the next opportunity comes," Shastri added.

    He signed off by saying, "In life, it's not about what you have accomplished but it is what you overcome. So what you have gone through in the last two years with COVID, the write-offs that happened -- everything, you go through all that and you become stronger in mind, tougher, and ready to play the game at the highest level to compete and that's the best thing I like about this Indian cricket team.

    Shastri could be seen hugging and greeting all the supporting staff and players at the end of the video.

    It is to be mentioned that Shastri will be replaced by former India captain Rahul Dravid as the head coach. Dravid's first assignment will be the home series against New Zealand, which is scheduled to begin on November 17.
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