• Meghalaya CM Inaugurates Newly Created Eastern West Khasi Hills District

    The new district comprises Mairang and Mawthadraishan C&RD blocks.

    Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma on Wednesday inaugurated the new district named Eastern West Khasi Hills with its headquarters in Mairang.

    Mairang, one of the oldest civil sub-divisions, was inaugurated on November 10, 1976, and exactly after 45 years, it was upgraded to a new district.

    The Chief Minister was accompanied by the Speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Metbah Lyngdoh and other Cabinet ministers and MLAs.

    The new district comprises Mairang and Mawthadraishan C&RD blocks.

    Inaugurating the new district of Eastern West Khasi Hills, Sangma said that the new district will bring the administration closer to the people.

    The Chief Minister mentioned that the new district was a long-felt aspiration and desire of the people and the government had to consider it after screening different parameters.

    “The new district was created not because it is in Khasi Hills or Jaintia Hills or Garo Hills but purely on basis of certain parameters, which had put the region in the bottom list of all developmental activities,” he said.

    He further added, “We wanted to bring administration closer to the people and hence the 12th district of the State was created.”

    Speaking about the name of the new district, Sangma said several consultations were made and different people were asked for their opinions.

    He added, “We are a matrilineal society, so we felt that some linkage with the parent district should be incorporated. Hence the cabinet felt that since the region falls in the eastern part of West Khasi Hills, we should name it as Eastern West Khasi Hills.”
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