• Kangana Ranaut Says Indira Gandhi Crushed 'Khalistanis' Like 'Mosquitoes', Police Complaint Filed

    The DSGMC has sought "strict legal action" against the actress from the authorities

    Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is not done talking yet, even after courting massive controversy with her recent 'India got freedom in 2014' remark. The actress is now making seditious and derogatory remarks on social media against the entire Sikh community.

    She allegedly referred to the entire Sikh community as Khalistani terrorists and that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi crushed them "like mosquitoes" under her shoe.

    Following this, Akali Dal leader Majinder Singh Sirsa has filed a case against the actress for her derogatory remarks. 

    The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (of which Sirsa is President) took a strong exception to her words in the recent Instagram story and said that Ranaut had "intentionally" and "deliberately" portrayed the farmers protest as a "Khalistani movement". They called it "disrespectful, contemptuous and insulting".

    Ranaut, in an Instagram story on Saturday, said, "Khalistani terrorists may be arm twisting the government today. But let's not forget one woman. The only woman prime minister ne inn ko apni jooti ke niche crush kia tha (The only woman prime minister crushed them under her shoe) No matter how much suffering she caused to this nation she crushed them like mosquitoes at the cost of her own life Lekin desh ke tukde nahi hone diye (but didn't let the country disintegrate) even after decades of her death aaj bhi uske naam se kaampte hai yeh inko vaisa he guru chahiye (even today, they shiver at her name, they need a guru like her)."

    Further, in another story with a picture of Indira Gandhi added, "With the rise of Khalistani movement her story is more relevant than ever very soon bringing to you #Emergency".

    The DSGMC has sought "strict legal action" against the actress from the authorities after the registration of an FIR against her.

    It may be mentioned, Ranaut posted these stories just a day after the three controversial farm laws were repealed after 14 months of protests by farmers.
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