• Democratic Spirit Ingrained In Indians: PM Modi At Biden’s First Democracy Summit

    Modi is one of 12 leaders who were invited to participate in the main Leaders’ Plenary Session

    As India participated in the first Summit for Democracy convened by US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that democratic spirit, including respect for rule of law and pluralistic ethos, is “ingrained in Indians”.

    Modi made this statement while speaking in a closed-door session, where he was one of 12 leaders who were invited to participate in the main Leaders’ Plenary Session.

    As per reports, he recalled the date when India’s Constituent Assembly held its first session 75 years ago and highlighted India’s civilisational ethos as one of the original sources of democracy.

    Emphasising that democratic spirit is ingrained in Indians, the Prime Minister reportedly said that the Indian diaspora carries it, too, thereby contributing to the economic well-being and social harmony of their adopted homes.

    Modi, according to reports, further emphasised the need for democratic countries to deliver on values enshrined in their constitutions. During the session, he also outlined sensitivity, accountability, participation and reform orientation as four pillars of Indian democratic governance.

    Speaking about the principles of democracy, he stressed that the principles of democracy should also guide global governance; and that given technology’s ability to impact democracy positively or negatively, technology companies should contribute to preserving open and democratic societies.

    The first Summit for Democracy was skipped by Pakistan and China was not invited to the event.
    Meanwhile, Biden has invited 110 countries to the virtual summit on December 9-10. 
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