• Assam Govt Launches Rs 5 Crore Corpus Fund For Families Affected By Assam Agitation

    While launching the Rs 5 crore corpus fund, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the fund will be increased up to Rs 50 crores

    Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday ceremonially launched a Rs 5 crore corpus fund to benefit the people affected by Assam agitation in Guwahati. He also released the 2nd and 3rd volume of the database on Assam agitation titled “Asom Andolonor Tathyakosh”.

    He said that the sacrifices and heroism of the martyrs of six years long Assam agitation would continue to inspire the people of the state to embark on a new economic and political movement for the survival of the Assamese community. 

    The Chief Minister said this while speaking at the “Shradhanjali” programme organized by the Assam Accord Implementation Department on the occasion of “Swahid Divas” celebration at Swahid Smarak Park at Paschim Boragaon in Guwahati today.  

    Sarma said that martyr Khargeswar Talukdar sacrificed his life for safeguarding our land from the aggression of illegal migrants at Bhabanipur on this day in 1979 while taking part in the spontaneous mass movement. 

    He further said that to uphold the pride of the Assamese people, more than 850 youth of the state lost their lives in Assam agitation and added that their sacrifices would continue to inspire us to move ahead with the new economic and political movement launched in the state for the greater interest of the Assamese community.

    The Chief Minister observed that in spite of the sacrifices of several hundred youths during the movement; the Assamese community is still unsafe, rather it is more vulnerable as a huge tract of land of the state has come under encroachment today. 

    The Assamese community has lost economic power and their political authority is greatly challenged today, he said and appealed to the people to introspect at this critical juncture to make the Assamese community stronger.

    Stating that the present government has been working staunchly every day in the last six months to rebuild the Assamese community, the Chief Minister urged the people to unite themselves to safeguard the language, art and culture and land rights of the Assamese people. 

    He also said that the state government has been making unrelenting efforts to boost harmony within the community and said that eviction at Gorukhuti in Sipajhar and the agricultural revolution it has launched is the beginning of a new movement for regaining the rights of the Assamese. 

    He further said that the government is committed to facing all challenges and continuing its efforts to keep the state’s hallowed civilization afloat.

    Moreover, the Chief Minister urged all to take active part in the movement for regaining the economic and political power from the hands of aggressors. He also made an appeal to those who have chosen the path of violence to join the peace process to boost this new movement.

    While launching the Rs 5 crore corpus fund for the affected of Assam agitation, the Chief Minister said that efforts will be made to increase the fund up to Rs 50 crores with support from the public and private contributions. 

    He also announced that along with the Swahid Smarak Park at Paschim Boragaon, the state government would set up a memorial project at martyr Khargeswar Talukdar’s birthplace Bhabanipur covering an area of 100 bigha land. 
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