• New Coronavirus Variant 'Deltacron' Discovered

    The new variant was not something to worry about: Cyprus Health Minister

    A new coronavirus variant 'Deltacron' has been discovered in Cyprus. Experts stated that the new variant has a similar genetic background to the Delta variant, as well as some of the mutations from Omicron.

    In total, 10 of the mutations from Omicron were found in the 25 samples taken in Cyprus - an island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea south of the Anatolian Peninsula. 

    Eleven of the samples were collected from people who were hospitalized due to the virus, while 14 came from the general population, according to a report filed by Jerusalem Post citing Cyprus Mail.

    Dr Leondios Kostrikis, the head of the laboratory of biotechnology and molecular virology at the University of Cyprus, said that the frequency of the mutation among hospitalized patients was higher.

    However, Cyprus's Health Minister Michalis Hadjipandelas said that the new variant was not something to worry about at the moment.
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