• All You Need To Know About Zycov-D, India's First Needleless Covid Vaccine

    ZyCov-D is India's second indigenous Covid-19 vaccine after Covaxin

    As ZyCov-D, India's first needleless vaccine for Covid-19 was launched in Bihar's Patna on Friday, it is India's first step towards providing Covid vaccine to people who are afraid of needles. 

    The concerned vaccine is being administered at three vaccination centres in Patna - Patliputra Sports Complex, Polytechnic College and Gurunanak Bhawan and will be administered in three doses.

    While the administration of ZyCov-D begins in India, here's everything you need to know about the needleless Covid-19 vaccine:

    • ZyCov-D is India's second indigenous Covid-19 vaccine after Covaxin and it is a plasmid DNA vaccine. It means that the vaccine uses a genetically engineered, non-replicating version of a type of DNA molecule known as a plasmid. It is the world's first DNA vaccine.
    • The vaccine is directly thwarted into a person's DNA as plasmids and triggered a scientific immune response.
    • The vaccine has already received approval for administration in children aged between 12-15, however, it will be first given to adults.
    • ZyCov-D will be administered in three doses in a gap of 28 days and 56 days. Each of the three doses will be given in two shots on each arm, right and left.
    • For an individual to be fully vaccinated by ZyCoV-D, one would have to get six shots of the vaccine.
    • The vaccine will be administered using a spring-powered device that delivers the shot as a narrow, precise stream of fluid that penetrates the skin.
    • ZyCov-D, which is produced by a Gujarat based pharmaceutical giant Zydus Cadila, has been tested on over 28,000 participants.
    • In December 2020, Zydus Group chairman Pankaj R Patel had said that the first two phases of the trial showed that the vaccine was safe and immunogenic.
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