• Sri Lanka Food Crisis: Prices Of Rice, Sugar Skyrocket

    Several refugees have entered India as a consequence of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis.

    As Sri Lanka faces the worst economic crisis, the country has been witnessing severe shortages of essentials like food, medicine, milk powder, cooking gas and fuel, with people waiting in long queues to get petrol, diesel. Following this, there has been a huge jump in the prices of food and drinks in the country. 

    According to reports, people are enduring daily power cuts due to a shortage of fuel to operate the generating plants and dry weather has sapped hydropower capacity. 

    The prices increased sharply after the Central Bank allowed the local currency to free float earlier this month.

    Speaking about price rise, cost of rice there has reached 500 Sri Lankan rupees per kg. While 400 grams of milk powder is available for Rs 790 in Sri Lanka. The price of milk powder jumped by Rs 250 over the last three days.

    Also, the price of one kg of sugar in Sri Lanka has reached Rs 290.

    As a consequence of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, Tamil refugees are now turning to India. Several refugees have entered India on Tuesday as refugees. It is estimated that a large number of Sri Lankans are taking refuge in India.

    According to reports, Intelligence officers in Tamil Nadu have obtained information that “around 2,000 refugees” are likely to arrive in the coming weeks.
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