Ukraine Tenders Apology Over Defence Ministry's Controversial Tweet Depicting Goddess Kali In Distorted Manner

Emine Dzhaparova said Ukraine 'regrets' the defence ministry's depiction of goddess Kali in a 'distorted manner' and that the European country 'respects unique Indian culture and highly appreciates support from India'.

Screen grab of the images shared as 'work of art' by Defense of Ukraine on their Twitter account

ND24 Web Desk | Published : 2023-05-02

Ukraine, on Tuesday, May 2, apologised for the country’s Ministry of Defence’s tweet purportedly showing an image of Goddess Kali over a blast fume. The tweet posted by Ukraine's defence ministry sparked massive online outrage in India.

‘Work of art (sic),’ the official Twitter account posted the picture on April 30 showing Goddess Kali having an upskirt moment similar to Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.

Although the tweet was deleted within hours, the Ukrainian Minister, who had visited the national capital in April and sought India’s support against the Russian war, said Kyiv and its people respect Indian culture.

“We regret @DefenceU depicting #Hindu goddess #Kali in distorted manner. #Ukraine & its people respect unique #Indian culture & highly appreciate support.The depiction has already been removed. Ukraine is determined to further increase cooperation in spirit of mutual respect & friendship (sic),” said the minister.



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