'Block And Report’: WhatsApp Responds To Complains Over International Calls

A new scam being carried out on WhatsApp is being reported in which people are getting calls from international numbers out of the blue.

WhatsApp has advised users to immediately block and report suspicious accounts

ND24 Web Desk | Published : 2023-05-09

After multiple reports of users receiving scam calls on WhatsApp from fake international numbers, the messaging company has released a statement on the statement on the action it is taking against such scammers.

The company also stated that it has launched a marketing campaign ‘stay safe with WhatApp’ to educate users about its in-built product features and safety tools like Two-Step Verification, Block and Report and Privacy controls, as safeguards to help protect users from online scams, frauds, and account compromising threats.

Recently, reports of people receiving random WhatsApp calls and messages from supposedly international numbers have flooded Twitter. Most of these calls come from phone numbers that start with +251 (Ethiopia), +60 (Malaysia), +62 (Indonesia), +254(Kenya), and +84 (Vietnam). 


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